Russian Presidential Academy of National Ecomony and Public Administration



Director of the Siberian Institute of Management
Sergey Robertovich Sverchkov

The Siberian Institute of Management is an affiliated branch of the federal state-funded educational institution of higher professional education “The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration”

On December 16, 1991 Siberian Personnel Centre was created in Novosibirsk and in 1995 it was reorganized into the Siberian Academy of Public Administration. In 2010 in order to reorganize the training of professional managers for the state and municipal services, all regional Academies of Public Administration were merged into a single system under the authority of the Russian Academy of National Economy. Since 2012 the Siberian Academy of Public Administration has been named “The Siberian Institute of Management – branch of RANEPA” (SIM RANEPA).

SIM RANEPA is the youngest state higher educational institution in Novosibirsk region. At present, SIM RANEPA is the only special higher educational institution in Siberia which provides training, retraining and professional development of the state and municipal officials.

List of faculties and specialities

The structure of the Siberian Institute of Management includes five faculties, Interregional Professional Development Centre; 19 departments:

  • faculty of State and Municipal Management;
  • faculty of Politics and International Relations;
  • faculty of Economics and Finance; faculty of Law;
  • faculty of Extramural and Distance Learning, which offers the programs of higher education on a part-time basis in specialities / programs available at SIM RANEPA using e-learning;
  • Interregional Professional Development Centre;
  • post-graduate courses:

12.00.02 - “Constitutional law; municipal law”;

23.00.02 - “Political institutes, processes and technologies”;

22.00.04 - “Social structure, social institutes and processes”;

22.00.08 - “Sociology of Management”;

08.00.05 - “Economics and national economy management”.

Dynamics of the institute development

In 2018 the Academy obtained state accreditation. According to the ranking of the Ministry of Education and Sciences the Siberian Academy of Public Administration for a number of years remains among the top ten best higher education schools of public administration.

In recent years, efforts of the staff has been focused on the development of the Academy as a regional higher educational institution. The number of specialities of higher professional education has increased by 2.5, the number of departments has increased from 11 to 18, the number of faculties - from 1 to 3, the faculty of specialists retraining was reorganized into the faculty of Extramural and Distance Learning, and the faculty of professional development – into Interregional Professional Development Centre.

Throughout the existence of the Academy over 35 thousand of the state and municipal officials underwent professional development at Interregional Professional Development Centre.

Over the past five years the total amount of students at SIM has increased nearly three times, the number of students enrolled in professional development programs has grown up by 72%, in professional retraining – by 37%. The majority of students are in the following specialities / programs: State and Municipal Management, Personnel Management, Economics, Law.

The quality of educational process at SIM is provided by about 250 highly-qualified lecturers. The share of lecturers with academic degrees and ranks is 68%, 13% of which are Doctors of Science and professors.

The Siberian Institute of Management provides targeted admission for the programs of the RF state governments. Annually more than 50% of the budget-funded places are devoted for targeted admission.

Competitive advantage and strategic guidelines

The Siberian Institute of Management – branch of RANEPA is a leading educational, scientific, methodological, information and analytical training centre for qualification training of the state and municipal officials in the region.

Main areas of the Academy work:

  • training and retraining of citizens for state and municipal service;
  • professional retraining and professional development of the federal state officials, the state officials of the Siberian Federal District entities, and the individuals holding municipal positions;
  • training of highly-qualified academic and educational research personnel;
  • organizing and conducting scientific research based on the SIM RANEPA profile;
  • providing consultative, information and analytical services, as well as academic and methodological services to the state and local authorities;
  • implementing international cooperation according to the SIM RANEPA activity profile.

SIM RANEPA pays great attention to the development of cooperation with the state and local authorities. SIM RANEPA takes part in setting goals and targets of long term and current professional development of personnel.

The Institute pays great attention to the methodology of educational process. Within five years the lecturers of SIM RANEPA created 670 study guides and learning kits.

The students and course participants of SIM RANEPA show high results in the centralized testing of their knowledge; the percentage of graduates finding jobs during the year of graduation is more than 85%.

For four years consecutively SIM RANEPA has been included in the scholarship program of the V. Potanin charity fund and annually it receives 10 scholarships for students-prizewinners and grants for lecturers. Students are actively engaged in the scientific research: the number of students taking part in all forms of Student Scientific Research Projects is more than 50%.

SIM RANEPA has created all the necessary conditions for educational process organization. The library fund is more than 340 thousand copies. An automated library informational system ensures access to the Institute's own e-catalogues and data bases, as well as Russian and international electronic resources.

In recent years SIM RANEPA has been successfully developing international cooperation, having executed a number of major international projects. During last five years more than 60 SIM RANEPA lecturers and employees attended professional development courses abroad, a number of lecturers have created courses and programs as part of international projects and prepared publications and methodological materials; academic exchange of lecturers and students is taking place. SIM RANEPA annually holds scientific and practical conferences and seminars on the issues of state and municipal management.

Employers of the graduates

Many graduates of SIM RANEPA take up leading positions in the system of state and municipal management not only in the Siberian Federal District. They work at the Executive Office of the RF President, the RF Federal Assembly, in federal and local authorities, in courts, at the public prosecution office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in the RF armed forces, etc.

Many graduates achieved great professional success in business, in non-business enterprises, etc.

The Siberian Institute of Management provides the following levels of professional education:

  • Bachelor's degree in intramural, blended and extramural forms of study;
  • Specialist's degree in intramural and extramural forms of study;
  • Master's degree in intramural and extramural forms of study;
  • Top-qualification personnel training in intramural and extramural forms of study;
  • Further professional education